Two weeks ago Lauren and I got to go on a “friendcation!” In reality I had to go to the new prosecutor training for work in San Diego; I needed someone to watch Little Miss for me during the conference and “Auntie” Lauren was kind enough to volunteer!   Evelyn did great on the flight, it was her first time flying and she was a happy camper! I highly recommend using a baby carrier when flying, that way you don’t have to haul around a car seat or stroller in the airport. I have this one from Infantino. I love it because it’s 360, so I can wear her facing in and out, or put her on my back.

We stayed at the Embassy Suites in La Jolla-OMG- nicest hotel EVER! We got so spoiled. Our room was a suite, which was fantastic because we had separate rooms so I didn’t have to worry about Evelyn waking up Lauren during the night. I wasn’t sure how she would sleep while traveling but she did really well.  The hotel also provided us with a complimentary pack n play, so I didn’t have to lug one with me-winning. I was also thrilled because our Angelcare Movement Monitor worked with the pack n play-talk about peace of mind! SIDS is always a huge concern with little ones, so I love having the Angelcare to monitor Evie’s breathing.


The hotel has a made-to-order complimentary breakfast everyday, meaning we were able to have omelettes, bacon, sausage, potatoes,pancakes, fresh fruit and more- every day-for free. I’m a big breakfast person, so let me tell you-it was amazing. Speaking of complimentary, the hotel also has a complimentary cocktail hour and snacks every evening, so Lauren and I took Evie to the bar and got our free wine every night-parent of the year right here.

Evelyn also got to go swimming for the first time! The hotel has an indoor heated pool, Evelyn LOVED it! Look at that face!  

I forgot my swimsuit on this trip, so I bought this one at Target.

Lauren and I also got a lot closer on this trip; we had some amazing friendship bonding moments, such as:

  • Evelyn pooped on my crotch during my lunch break the first day at the conference. She was sleeping on my chest, so Lauren was so kind as to wipe my crotch off for me- true friend right there.
  • Lauren also got flashed by me a lot on the trip. I originally tried to be discreet when nursing Evelyn, but who has time for that when you have a hungry baby?
  • I also got to observe Lauren waxing her nose hairs, it was magical.

Seeing as this is a conference for attorneys, most people dressed up in suits. Since I had Evie with me, I kept it super casual. I love this sweater from Cupshe, it’s fantastic for nursing! This was the day Evelyn pooped on me, so I started the day in jeans from Stitchfix, and ended the day in a super old pair; I have no idea where they came from.

My husband did awesome taking care of our 2 year old, Declan, while I was away.  We got to FaceTime with him a few times, I missed my bubs!

My conference ended at noon on Friday, however we didn’t fly out until Saturday, so we went and got mani-pedis at the Pampered Hands Nail Salon. Lauren’s friend Lou joined us and we had the best time. The ladies at the salon were wonderful! They didn’t mind me nursing while I got my toes done, and all of the ladies kept cooing at Evelyn and asking to hold her-I highly recommend them. I got shellac on my nails, and two weeks later I don’t have a single chip-those ladies rock! Check out this adorable video of one of the ladies playing with Evie, she was laughing so much!

After our mani-pedis, we returned to the hotel for our free wine and hung out at the hotel’s bonfire pits-I told you, we got spoiled.

We had a lot of people commenting on how well behaved “our baby” was on the flight- apparently we made a very attractive couple 😉




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