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Potty Training!

We recently potty trained our son, Declan. He just turned 2 in December, and had been asking about the potty since August. We decided to wait to potty train however because we had just bought a house and were moving into it in October, and we were expecting our second baby in November. I didn’t want to train him and then have massive regressions after those big events.

In preparation, I bought our son a potty book, and I read Oh Crap Potty Training. I didn’t follow it word for word, however it was an awesome guidance system. The book suggests planning for an entire week at home; I was on maternity leave so this was the perfect opportunity.

Day 1, we started by making a big deal of Declan’s cool new big boy undies (Thomas the Train), and said “Bye, Bye, Diapers!” I loaded Declan with juice/water and began putting him on the potty every 30 minutes, and giving him one fruit snack (individual, not packet) every time he went on the potty, and cheering him on. We didn’t make a good deal of accidents, just said “oops, oh well, we’ll go on the potty next time!” He had about a 66% success rate the first day, not too shabby! Day 2 we did the exact same thing, and his average increased to 75%, day 3 he only had 1 accident. By day 4 we began stretching the time out, and putting him on the potty every 45 minutes to 1 hour, or if he asked, and we stopped giving him fruit snacks unless he asked for one. If he didn’t remember to ask, we didn’t give him any. Day 5 I sent him to daycare to see how he’d do, and he only had 1 accident all day. Go Declan! We’re 3 weeks in now, and he has about 2 accidents a week, and usually catches himself and finishes on the potty. We put him on the potty every 1.5 hours if he doesn’t ask to go, but he’s pretty much letting us know now when he has to go. It’s awesome!! We use cloth diapers, and I really didn’t want to have two kids in cloth, so I’m really excited he took to it so well!

We’ve had some fun with it too. The other evening we had a good family friend over for dinner. Declan announced that he had to go poop, so I took him to the bathroom so he could do his business. He told me “Mommy go!” (He Likes his privacy, can’t blame him), so I stood in the hallway and chatted with our friend while waiting for him. As we’re talking, we hear Declan saying to himself “I’m pooping, I’m pooping, I’m pooping!” Guess he was giving himself a pep talk, It was a proud moment. 😂

Savannah’s little man is 6 weeks younger than Declan, and they’re going to be giving potty Training a go soon too, so I’m sure we’ll get some more fun stories.



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