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Thrive Cosmetics

I recently saw a Facebook ad for Thrive cosmetics and decided to give their eyeliner a try. I usually have a serious raccoon eye problem due to my eyeliner, and it’s definitely not a look I’m going for. I spend all that time in the morning trying to hide my under-eye bags, only for my eyeliner to smudge and make me look more tired than I actually am.   The eyeliner is semi-permanent, and comes with a pencil sharpener and smudge tool. It sets after 30 seconds, and stays on for over 24 hours! I haven’t tested it yet for the full 24, however it’s passed my own personal 12 hour test.  I ordered it in “Nalie,” a chocolate brown shimmer. The website helps you chose which color would be best for your eyes, and this was recommended for mine. It’s $22, which is normally more than I pay for a drugstore brand, but so far it’s worth it.

Here are my results after 8 hours. I am not makeup savvy, so I was pretty much just winging it. I’m also wearing Better Than Sex mascara, which I LOVE. If you’re interested in purchasing the eyeliner, use this link and receive $10 off!



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